What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient therapy dating back to 3000BC. Originating in China, it made its way to the Western world around 100 years ago. It involves massage to specific areas of the feet, covering a number of reflex points, which correspond to the different organs and parts of the body.

It is believed that by working on these reflex points, the practitioner can address different ailments or imbalances in the body, and generally aid in relaxation and wellbeing. It may also be possible to diagnose different imbalances and address existing conditions, as well as being used as a preventative practise.

Reflexology is a complimentary therapy and holistic in its approach, it aims to treat the whole body including the mind and stress related symptoms. Reflexology can be very beneficial for stress reduction and relaxation, which in itself can dramatically improve general health and wellbeing.

What are the benefits of Reflexology?

With the constant increase in stress levels- from our modern day society, it is becoming increasingly important to acknowledge the impact these high demands can have on our health and vitality.

Reflexology offers a very enjoyable and deeply relaxing method of combating these stressors, which can be responsible for a host of illnesses and imbalances that we suffer from today. Meaning it is suitable for everyone* including children and adults.

Reflexology can also be of great benefit for sports people or those looking to take their health to the next level and experience greater levels of energy and increased vitality.

Reflexology not only treats existing issues, but can rebalance our entire systems and act as a preventative against future ailments.

By balancing the system in this way, we can notice an increase in energy levels, improved mood, and resistance to illness and stress related issues.

Reflexology treatments can give us a more positive and balanced outlook on life, meaning we are more capable of dealing with life and all of its challenges.

What to expect from a treatment:

Before the treatment, there will be a consultation to ensure the best treatment is provided for you, based on your individual needs, as we are all unique.

The practitioner will also discuss your general lifestyle habits and nutritional needs. Medical history will also be discussed where necessary, to determine if there are any contraindications.*

During the treatment, whilst lying down in a relaxed position, there will be a gentle warm up massage, followed by gentle pressure applied to specific areas of the foot in a methodical manor, covering all reflex points on both feet.

This in turn, will cover all the corresponding organs and systems of the body. In this way, the practitioner is able to give a full body treatment, just by massaging the feet.

What to expect after a treatment:

Most people will feel very relaxed following a treatment. You may also find yourself feeling sleepy and may even want to take a nap if you can or try to take it easy and get some rest later on in the day.

Because the treatment moves stagnant energy from the body, eliminating toxins through the lymphatic system, you may fell some detox reactions, known as a healing crisis.

These symptoms may include; drowsiness, headaches, mild nausea or the need to use the toilet more frequently. It is important therefore to drink plenty of water in order to help flush out these toxins and avoid worsening of any detox symptoms.

It should be noted that these reactions are normal and are in fact a sign that the treatment is working. Not everyone however will experience detox symptoms such as these.

Some clients may not notice any reaction, but usually a deep relaxation will be experienced, often followed by improved sleep after treatment, and sometimes increased energy and a clearer head may be felt.

Aroma Reflexology – 45mins £35

Aroma Facial* & Reflexology treatment. – 80mins £55

Foot facial pamper package: £45

Deeply relaxing & rejuvenating treatment including a foot soak, scrub, mask and moisturize.

Followed by an Aromatherapy Reflexology session. Complete indulgence for your feet & tranquility for your mind. 60 mins of bliss.

*(This price is based on the Neals Yard Remedy facial. For the Elemis facial, there is an extra charge of £5).

* I also offer discounts for block bookings & people on a low income. Please enquire for more information

*Reflexology is intended to be used alongside modern medicine, and is not recommended as an alternative to seeking medical advice.

In certain cases, where there are contraindications, treatment may not be able to be carried out without first consulting with your doctor.