Hot Stones

Hot Stones massage:

Hot stone massage is a therapeutic deeply relaxing massage, in which heated stones are placed on the body or used to massage it, in order to

‘melt’ away tension and warm the muscle tissue in order to aid relaxation.

The massage uses smooth stones, such as river rocks, or similar stones made of basalt, which have a high iron content and retain the heat during the treatment.

They provide a holistic approach, treating muscle tension and pain as well as mental strain and emotional burden.

The hot stone massage aims to relieve this tension on all levels. The heat helps the muscles relax, so the therapist can work deeper on them relieving tension more effectively.

The heat can also help relieve pain and increase circulation. The stones are typically placed on trigger points, which penetrate the deeper tissues and open blood vessels,

allowing for improved circulation and delivery of oxygen to muscles which can relieve tension, fatigue, and lactic acid build up.

The deeply relaxing qualities of this massage can also help to relieve mental and emotional stresses and disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Crystal Chakra balance:

By using specific crystals placed on different parts of the body, known as chakras, we are able to clear those energy centres and realign them.

Reiki healing energy is also used in each of the chakras to bring a sense of peace, calm & wellbeing to the whole body, mind & soul.

In Indian philosophy, there are 7 different energy centres in the body, know as chakras. The word chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit & is thought of as a vortex or spinning disk of energy.

It is important that these energy centres or wheels spin in the correct direction and with enough life force.

As this energy is believed to be the source of our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health, according to yogic tradition.

Image credit: MindBodyGreen

The main 7 chakras are;

The Root Chakra or Muladhara; at the base of the spine, is associated with The colour red, the Earth element, grounding, survival, sexuality, the reproductive organs & the gemstone Ruby/ Bloodstone.

The Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana; just bellow the navel, is associated with the colour orange, the water element, the kidneys, feelings, intimacy, trust & the gemstone Coral.

The Solar Plexus or Manipura; located just below the diaphragm, associated with The colour yellow, the fire element, the pancreas, mental energy, balanced attitude, willpower & the gemstone Amber or Citrine.

The Heart Chakra or Anahata; located at the centre of the chest, associated with The colour green & pink, the air element, the Thymus gland, harmony, relating/sharing, love & the gemstone Tourmaline.

The Throat Chakra or Vishuddha; atthe middle of the throat, associated with The colour blue, the element of ether, the thyroid gland, creativity, expression/release of emotions & the gemstone Turquoise.

The Third eye Chakra or Ajna; located between the eyebrows, associated with The colour indigo, thought, the pituitary gland, intuition, imagination, clarity & the gemstones Lapis lazuli & Quartz.

The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara; found on the top of the head, associated with The colour violet or white, Light, the pineal gland, enlightenment, wisdom, compassion & the gemstones Amethyst & Diamond.

Hot Stones Back, neck & shoulders 40 mins £40

Hot Stones full body massage 60mins £50

Hot Stones massage + Crystal Chakra Reiki balance 80mins £55

Crystal Reiki Indian head massage with hot stones 80mins £55