Wholebeing health: integrated therapies.

Wholebeing health is a holistic approach to well-being and offers a range of therapies including Kinesiology, Reflexology, Acupressure, Massage and Aromatherapy.

As well as Naturapathic Nutrition, dietary plans and recipes, food intolerance and nutrient deficiency testing. The aim is to address all aspects of our being, including mind, body and soul, for total Wholebeing Health & Well-being.

Kinesiology (muscle testing), is a tool for getting to the root cause of your unique health concerns (as we are all unique!). It employs massage of lymphatic points, holding of acupressure points & tracing of meridian lines along with nutrition.

Naturopathic Nutrition is a natural & holistic approach to nutritional wellbeing, using food as medicine & working with the seasons, moon cycles and the fundamental principle that we are all unique and continuously changing in our dietary needs.

Reflexology is a foot massage treatment that is therapeutic to the whole body, working with meridians (energy pathways in the body) to rebalance and recharge the entire system.

If we provide the right tools, the body can rebalance itself & naturaly create a state of ease once more. Whether the body needs rest, the right nutrition, emotional support, a reduction of stress & anxiety, structural manipulation or energy work to release blockages in the system, WholeBeing health aims to address all these factors and treat the individual person, not the disease itself.

A balanced body is capable of achieving its natural state of life-energy & well-being, if we give it the right conditions in which to do so. Good health and vitality is our birthright, it is available to us in abundance, if our body is in balance and able to accept it. If the body is out of balance, or in a state of “dis-ease” it manifests as illness.

I provide an integrated approach to Wellness, using Body-Mind-Emotion and Stress Release systems (to put the body into ease & out of dis-ease). This approach is based on the fundamental principle that we are integrated beings, and one cannot separate our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health from our overall vitality & wellbeing.

I have a particular interest in the mind-body-emotion connection, and the link between stress and illness, as this has been a huge component of my own healing and is an essential aspect of general health and wellbeing.

I use a combination of nutritional therapy, structural therapy (muscle testing & balancing) energy therapies & psychologies, other emotional balancing therapies such as Bach flower remedies.

This integrated approach to health & well being provides a comprehensive system that addresses all fundamental aspects of our being to allow for a unique & profound transformational healing.

For total & lasting health, we need to address all of these aspects & respect that we are all unique in our particular needs for each area.

I believe the most powerful aspect of systematic kinesiology is its integrated & holistic approach. I spent at least 10 years focusing solely on my diet & nutrition & although I may have noticed improvements here & there, nothing lasted.

It was not until I addressed the underlying emotional aspects, stress & necessary lifestyle changes as well as structural & energetic fixes through kinesiology that I started to notice real lasting benefits.

I myself suffered with IBS, Depression and Chronic Fatigue and was unable to work for 2 years. It was through Systematic Kinesiology (alongside the fantastic nutrition, health foods & superfood recipes that I have developed over the years), that I started to regain my former health & vitality.

Slowly, I began to feel great again. My digestion & energy levels improved dramatically & I experienced improved health, happiness, self-expression, connection, deep healing & a zest for life!

Our bodies have the innate capacity to heal themselves. Ultimately we have to take ownership of our own health and make those decisions that will lead us to vibrant health and vitality. It begins with the individual, the here and now and the choices we make!

The more empowered we feel, the more good choices we will make to take care of our health, and this precious time we have here on earth. By implementing nutrient rich recipes and healthy habits into our daily lifestyle, we can begin to make a lasting change.

Working through compromised health & well being; be it digestive problems, depression or exhaustion, can feel very frustrating at times, especially when one is trying so hard to do all the right things! At the same time, however, it can also be a deeply spiritual & rewarding experience.

It has been a beautiful, although challenging journey, from which I have learnt a great deal about health, nutrition, natural healing therapies & techniques, but mainly about myself. And this journey has inspired me to share what I have learnt with others.